On her deathbed, Rosaura confesses to her daughter Juana Valentina that she is not the daughter of the late Gonzalo Echenique but of a man named Calixto, whom she met on a night with a full moon, music and rum, and who left only the memory of his caresses and Juana Valentina in the womb. The only thing she knew about him was that he was married, that her mother's name was Juana, that she came from Sincelejo and had a fish-shaped spot on one buttock.

With her mother dead, Juana Valentina leaves for Sincelejo in search of her real father, in the company of Teresalsura, her faithful and self-sacrificing employee. Calixto Salguero turns out to be a landowner, dedicated to his work and married to Mrs. "Doña", a classic coastal matron who ignores his youthful adventures.

When Juana Valentina arrives at Calixto's house, she is greeted by his son, Rubén, the most charming man she has ever met in his life, the best dressed and the most gentlemanly. They immediately like each other and do not hide it.

When Calixto arrives, he is traumatized, because he was struck by lightning and miraculously saved. Juana lets him know that she is her daughter, and that she has the same stain as him, on her buttock. Calixto, convinced that the lightning was a divine warning and that God will send him to hell if he does not repair his faults, confesses that if he did meet Valentina's mother, that she is not his only natural daughter, and that he must seek, find and recognize to the other children. From that moment Doña, deeply offended, refuses to speak with her husband and hires a spokesperson to speak to him.

Technical File

Direction: Toni Navia.

Scripts: Bernardo Romero and Juanita Samper.

Executive Production: Amparo Gómez.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 224 X 60.

Production year: 1997

Produced by: RCN Televisión.