Joaquin Morales is a “modern Tarzan”, born and raised on the Caribbean island, LA Hermosa, with the most spectacular scenery in the world (which should be a nature reserve). Joaquín has never been to Bogotá and the biggest city he knows is Puerto Bello. But Joaquín doesn't need anything and what he lacks he invents. He spends his days making strange machines and solving the region's domestic problems... Carpenter, mechanic and fisherman, Joaquín knows his environment and masters it like no one else. He is part of nature, a freak, another endangered species. He grew up like everyone else on his island, without drinking water or electricity, because on the island of La Hermosa he lives like in the last century. Until one day when a television arrives and curiosity changes everything.

The television turns on, everyone's surprise is great when they discover that inside the magic box is a spectacular woman presenting a program. The program is called: “Las noches de Luciana”, and Luciana, the presenter, has already taken half the population's breath away and especially Joaquín, who cannot believe so much beauty, so much charm, so much smile and body together.Luciana Rivas, who has turned 32, is a successful presenter and businesswoman (owner of a famous cosmetics and beauty cream firm that bears her name) who lives in another world. Accustomed to having thousands of assistants who choose everything from breakfast to clothes for her, Luciana lives and works for the image of her as a woman who has everything: fame, fortune, charm, admirers and thousands of suitors.

Technical File

Direction: Magdalena Larrota.

Scripts: Ana María Parra.

Executive Production: Alessandro Basile.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 141 X 60.

Production year: 2004

Produced by: RCN Studios.