Las Santisimas is the story of Helena and her group of close friends: Ana, Candelaria, Irene and Francisca; five women close to forty who have very diverse life experiences, but in common the search for themselves and the long-awaited happiness. They call themselves the "Santísimas", since they all have names of saints or martyrs.

At the age of twenty, Helena had Joaquín, her son, who is the reason for her existence, the motivation for her professional development and the axis of all her affections. When she finally feels that she has already done much of her homework with him and she is willing to give herself the chance to love her with Carlos, he passes away on their wedding night, leaving her absolutely devastated. But her life friends will come to surround her and will be accomplices and witnesses of what will be her new possibility in love: her relationship with Federico, a friend from Carlos's past who returns to the country after twenty years living abroad, and who little by little will win her heart. Helena's friends will have to solve their own issues in turn: Ana, an independent and executive woman, whose professional achievements do not match her emotional achievements, and who will get involved in a relationship with an unexpected minor man who, to make matters worse, is the son of her best friend Helena. Candelaria, the most conventional “santísima”, in the role of her dedicated wife and mother, has endured the tyranny and mistreatment of Juan, her husband, who finally leaves her and allows her to begin an interesting process of searching for herself. Irene, the spoiled girl conditioned by her aristocratic birth, who is satisfied by nothing and nothing and who thinks she is doomed to follow the destiny assigned to her by her family; To her surprise, a man who is not of her social status will make her discover that love, not bank balances, is what decides the path of her heart. Francisca, the youngest of the friends, who in her obsessive search to find a husband, will have to admit the huge mistake of trying to reproduce the perfect family she lost when she was young, demanding and dreaming of requirements that life does not grant, if love does not exist. Las Santísimas is also the story of Carmen, a humble and hard-working woman, who will have to face a hostile world to carry out her life project, which is none other than giving her seven-year-old son, Andrés, a dignified future.

Technical File

Direction: Juan Carlos Vásquez, Gloria Parra.

Librettos: Luis Felipe Salamanca, Sandra Liliana Motato, Ximena Ospina, María Ximena Pineda

Executive Production: María Antonieta Navia.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 121 X 60.

Production year: 2011

Produced by: Teleset to RCN Studios.