Mariana Solano, a beautiful and skilled lawyer, has been working for a couple of years at a security services company: A & L Asociados. There she unexpectedly arrives to work Santiago Negret, her former fiancé, whom she has not seen for three years. Now, when they meet again three years later in the company, the blow for both is forceful. Although Mariana feels impulses that she had forgotten since the separation, her first reaction is total rejection. Santiago, who has returned to the country with the sole intention of explaining to her what happened and trying to win back her love, wants to talk to her, but Mariana not only doesn't listen to him, but also forbids him to approach her.

Mariana must decide if she quits or if she continues to put up with him at work. Out of love for Mariana and to save the life of her father -and without her knowing-, Santiago will fall into a trap set by his evil cousin Lorenzo, who will force him to participate in a series of covert operations, which he calls "coups", of dubious legality, which consist of setting traps against apparently honest characters who profit from the needs of ordinary people.

Mariana, an intuitive and insightful woman, will struggle between her rational side, which tells her that Santiago is a false being, different from the man she fell in love with one day, and her heart, which tells her that Santiago is the man of her life. Santiago at the same time, and in the face of Mariana's coldness, must witness how carefully and calculatedly her cousin Lorenzo's is slowly winning her heart.

The blows, which Santiago executes with great ingenuity and with the help of several of Mariana's relatives, are the source of all kinds of adventures and dangers in the midst of which the love story unfolds.

Technical File

Direction: Armando Barbosa.

Scripts: Miguel Ángel Lozano.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 30 X 60.

Production year: 2008

Produced by: RCN Studios.