Lorena thought that by marrying Miguel Ferrero, love would be enough to overcome all the rejection problems she had with her mother-in-law Rufina de Ferrero and some of her other children. However, her destiny had prepared another even tougher test for her and before she could tell her husband that she was pregnant, he disappears in a storm.

She is sorry to die, but the love for the son who is on the way strengthens her to the point of accepting to live with her new in-laws, despite knowing that both her mother-in-law, as well as her brothers-in-law Rodolfo, Gerardo and Rebeca, consider that she is just an intruder who seeks to keep Miguel's inheritance, who is finally the only true son of Mateo Ferrero and therefore his official heir.

The truth that no one knows is that Miguel was rescued in a coastal city by some fishermen who left him in the hands of Dr. Silvia Rivero, who helps him cope with his amnesia, while little by little he falls in love with this interesting stranger. Meanwhile, and without the possibility of working due to the high risk of her pregnancy, Lorena must accept her new life, while her mother-in-law and Juan, another of her brothers-in-law, plan how to make the old man disappear and seize the Ferrero fortune, which with the supposed death of Miguel, will pass into the hands of Lorena's long-awaited son.

Juan's main weapon to achieve this is to make the widow fall in love. Over time, Miguel recovers his memory and when he tries to return, Rufina makes him believe that her wife has resumed her life with Juan and that they have even had a child, which makes him reconsider her decision. Now the love for the memory of her husband who disappeared from her, the advice of her friend Camila and her sister Mariela, will be the only thing that Lorena has to cling to her life, because the hatred of the Ferreros has even led them to kidnap the baby.

Lorena, a love story stronger than death.

Technical File

Direction: Rodrigo Triana.

Scripts: Bernardo Romero Pereiro, Jimena Romero.

Executive Producer: Liz Yamayuza P.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 126 X 60

Production year: 2005

Produced by: RCN Studios.