They can change your name, but not your Heart. The day that Santiago Puerta returns from Italy after completing a specialization in Criminalistics, he feels that he has a future without limits. He returns with Lina Santana, the love of his life and a fellow student whom he plans to marry very soon. He has an offer to work in the Prosecutor's Office and he will finally be able to repay Bernardo, his father, for the effort he put into making his son a lawyer and now an expert in forensic matters. But upon arrival, he quickly realizes that things aren't going to be that easy.

On the one hand, he discovers that his mother-in-law is willing to do everything possible not to allow him and Lina to get married, and on the other, that little or nothing remains of the submissive and self-sacrificing accountant who was his father. Now Bernardo is the right hand of a dangerous drug trafficker: Richard Calero alias “El Kes”. True to his personality as an upright and faultless man, Santiago convinces his father to turn "Kes" over to the authorities, dismantle his criminal network and submit to the witness protection program. Santiago thinks that although his situation is difficult, things can turn out well and he will be able to resume his marriage plans. But Bernardo does not decide to hand over "Kes" with the conviction of taking back the reins of his life. He does it because he has fallen in love with "La Bandi", the ambitious and mistreated lover of the boss who falls into the accountant's arms out of spite.

Technical File

Direction: Juan Pablo Posada.

Scripts: Adriana Arango.

Executive Production: Juan Pablo Posada.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 107 X 60.

Producción year: 2008

Produced by: Teleset para RCN Televisión

Distribution: Sony Pictures.