Edilberto "Beto" Reyes Driver of the Central Market, he will meet Mercedes Rubio by chance, a millionaire owner of one of the most important holding companies in the country. This encounter will transform the life of Beto Reyes and his family.

The Kings will leave their precarious home in their modest neighborhood of La Fraguita in the Antonio Nariño locality in the south of the city to settle with their habits and customs in the mansion that Mercedes Rubio owns in an exclusive neighborhood of the city, bordering the of the Iriarte, generating multiple conflicts between both families.

The crossing of characters with different nuances will be very rich and will facilitate the possibility of creating comic and romantic situations in this fiction with the format of a daily novel. "Los Reyes" will allow us to spy on the lives of two families who, in different social, economic and cultural conditions, cross paths at a given moment and compete for the same goal.

Technical File

Direction: Mario Ribero

Scripts: Mario Schajris - Adriana Lorenzo

Production: Guillermo Restrepo

Genre: Telenovela-  Drama

Duration : 248 X 60

Production year: 2005

Produced by: RCN TELEVISION S.A.