The Olimpo Cultural Lyceum school will be the setting in which students of different ages and social classes will meet with the expectation of returning to school and the last year of their school life. But all of them, without exception, will have two themes in common: love and sexuality.

Among the students, Mariana Cadavid, 17, stands out, who was chosen as one of the best students in the country, but her life will be turned upside down when she meets William, 20, from a rural area, who will study at the Lyceum. These two young people will later be involved in a love relationship that will have its consequences.

But William is not the only newcomer to the Lyceum. After being expelled from one of the best schools in the city, 18-year-old Andrea Turbay ends up in this place as well. This young woman will not only have to face being different from her, but also her mother's courtship and the eventual departure of her boyfriend abroad. A similar case is that of Bryan Pinto, 16, a young man from a lower class, the son of Dora Pinto, one of the oldest and most beloved cooks at the school. Bryan enters with a scholarship for being a good soccer player and for the interest of Don Genaro, the school's rector, who will seek by all means to achieve international accreditation for his establishment.

Both William and Bryan do not know what awaits them, because in Olympus a regime of terror reigns, established by Leticia Amaya, a 17-year-old girl from a dysfunctional family, who remains on drugs to escape her problems. Leticia together with her inseparable friend Fabio, 16 years old, organize the cruelest way to bully everyone.

Technical File

Direction: Israel Sánchez, Camilo Quimbayo.

Scripts: Luz Edith Cabrera, Johanna García Gómez.

Executive Production: Juli Marcela Sierra.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 85 x 60.

Production year: 2013

Produced by: RCN Studios.