Juan is an accountant who has been working at Etichetta Due for 10 years, thanks to Daniela, who at that time was his girlfriend and worked as Osvaldo's secretary, the owner of the place. Due to his weak and trusting character, Juan has always been the laughing stock and the scapegoat of the office. The only friend of his inside him was Eduardo, until the day he found him having sex with Daniela, the mother of his two children.

As a result of this unfortunate incident, Juan went to live in a small apartment and there he decided that it was better not to throw away his seniority because he lacked savings and the expenses, between the new rent and the maintenance of his parents and their children, did not leave him much room for action. So he convinced himself to show up at the office as always, resigned to seeing his unfaithful wife, his traitorous friend and his other abusive colleagues together.

One afternoon, when Juan had realized that he was truly unfortunate, he left work to wander the streets of the city and snooping around in a bookstore, he came across a book that powerfully caught his attention. It was the last copy of the “MANUAL TO BE HAPPY, 50 infallible recipes to achieve happiness”. Inside, there were hundreds of recipes, practical rules, exercises, advice, premises, directives. Juan could not with the intrigue that -magically- reading a book could change his reality and he bought it. Week by week, Juan will read and put into practice each of the chapters of the book and see the chaotic consequences they have on his life, but it will also lead him towards the path of self-esteem and true love, because inside the office there is a woman who, although she does not work there, is more important than the owner of the factory: Luisa Sanz, the young owner of one of the most important clothing chains in the country.

Technical File

Direction: Israel Sánchez, Olga Rodríguez.

Librettos: Esther Feldman, Alejandro Maci.

Executive Production: Agustín Restrepo.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 89 X 60

Production year: 2013

Produced by: Teleset to Estudios RCN.