"When love gets in the way, the mocker can end up mocked" It all begins when the Anaya family, owners of the once prosperous company "El Pollo Abundancio", receives terrible news: they are on the brink of bankruptcy. To solve his problem, Ricardo Martín Anaya, known to all as "Ricky Martín", decides to call an external general manager to restore order to this chaotic corral. This is how we meet Emilia Cabal, our heroine, a beautiful and successful woman who suffered a personal tragedy that plunged her into her deepest depression, and who comes to the company trying to recover her life and her self-esteem. . Five years ago Emilia had it all. After studying abroad, she married Javier Camargo and together they set up a consulting company with which they stood out in the business world. Despite her success, Javier felt a powerful envy of her wife that led him to propose that they have a child with the sole purpose of removing her from her business environment.

Emilia got pregnant, but even that didn't keep her away from her office. One ordinary day while she was driving her car, Emilia suffered an accident that ruined her life: she crashed into a man who was speeding down the road in a ball bearing cart. When Emilia reacted, she had lost her son, her husband, and her company. Only now, five years later, does she feel capable of going back to being that woman that she once was. Her arrival at “El Pollo Abundancio” causes a great impact. "Mechas", the older sister of the Anayas and "Production Manager" of the company, is worried about losing her endless hours of leisure. To the "Sales Manager", Milena "la Nena" Anaya, who discovers that the company has not exported the first chicken in history. Juan Calixto (Juan-K-Naya) the “Marketing Manager” and Anaya's middle brother, is also scared… what will happen if he finds out that he doesn't have the titles he made up? Linda Kriss, his voluptuous wife, also does not hide his anxiety. Will Emilia take away the title of "Miss Abundance"? Another member of this family who also has no peace is Tatiana Alvarado, Ricardo's perverse and interested wife and "Financial Manager" of the company.

Technical File

Direction: Juan Pablo Posada.

Scripts: Ana María Londoño.

Executive Production: Leonardo Barón.

Duration: 124 X 60.

Production year: 2007

Produced by: Teleset to RCN Televisión

Distribution: Sony Pictures.