Julián Zamora is a humble bookseller, who is going to marry Valentina Rincón the next day. His lack of organization and his poverty have prevented him from buying wedding rings and that is why Julián uses the book he is writing to get a loan from the owner of the publishing house where he works. Very skeptical Don Carlo Vargas says that if he likes the book he will lend him the money to buy the rings. Don Carlos ends up reading several pages of the chapter that Julián has already written and realizes that he has in his hands one of the great promises of Latin American writers and gives him the money.
While Julián, Laura and Luis Felipe choose their wedding rings for their respective weddings, the jewelry store, owned by Don Ulises Domínguez, is assaulted by a gang of armed robbers who, helped by one of the shop assistants, manage to disconnect the cameras. security, to leave no trace. After they force Don Ulises to open the safe, Israel, the gang leader forces Luis Felipe to introduce the jewels that are on the glass shelves so that they activate the security system, the video recording and thus confuse the authorities making them believe that Luis Felipe is the culprit, but he refuses and Israel shoots him. They are mistaken by the cameras as jewelery thieves and now they will have to escape together and prove their innocence. Julián and Laura learn to tolerate and love each other when they discover that neither Valentina nor Luis Felipe were worthy of their love. At first they love each other in silence, then in the rain, wherever the night surprises them, always in some clandestine place. And while they love each other and fight for his love amid worries and slander, Julián tries to finish his novel. He will need Julián's novel so that they don't expose him as a fake and he will do everything possible to find the originals that Julián has written during his vicissitudes and he will do anything to also return his daughter to Luis Felipe Blanco.

Technical File

Directed by: Hermann Porras

Scripts: Gustavo Bolívar

Executive Producer: Enrique Afanador

Genre: soap opera

Duration: 120 X 60"

Production year: 2004

Produced by: Fox Telecolombia para RCN Televisión

Distribution: TIS Productions.