It tells the story of a girl who, before being born, falls in love with Esteban Buenahora, a trusted employee of Rigoberto Rengifo, a prominent merchant in the home appliance business in the remote and hot city of San Ventura. It all begins the day Lolita, while still in Dolores' womb, discovers Esteban and falls in love with him. Dolores doesn't know why, but she feels the imperious need to follow him with her huge belly and her gaze, gossip starts, and Dolores must face the wrath of Don Frigo, her jealous husband.

Lolita is born, Don Frigo rejects her and Dolores dies of pain. Esteban is accused of being the cause of Dolores's death and because of this he is banished. Eleven years later, Esteban returns with a truckload of appliances to unseat the Refrigerator King, clear his name, and avenge his banishment. Lolita thinks that Esteban came back for her and that this is the end of her problems: until today Lolita has had to put up with the humiliation and mistreatment of her stepmother, Doña Carmen, or "Carne", as they call her in town. A woman who bewitched Don Frigo with drinks and who took Dolores's place as soon as she died.

Technical File

Direction: Luis Alberto Restrepo.

Scripts: Juan Manuel Cáceres, Jorge Ospina, Fernan Rivera and Juan Francisco Dominguez.

Executive Production: Amparo Gutiérrez.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 196 X 30.

Year of production: 1999

Produced by: RCN Televisión.