Merlina González, designer and leader of a group of silver jewelery artisans, finds the prediction that her cousin Loreta, an expert in astrology, gives her as a gift on her birthday to be absurd: "The stars announce the next arrival of love". She sees it absurd because her immediate plans are not to fall in love with her. Her main dream is to get her family out of poverty, to make artisans, through their silver designs, be the first in the market without the need for intermediaries. Due to the above, Merlina opposes that the artisans, to whom her family belongs, agree to sign the contract that Carbó Joyeros proposes to them.

Merlina considers that Carbó Joyeros' interest in artisans is solely due to competition. Regina Carbó, an assiduous believer in astrology, has been sentenced by her head astrologer, Tirso Lapiel, about the imminent danger to her family, with the upcoming alignment of the planets. In power, two women will be her salvation, and two other women her executioners. This can only be avoided if the planet Mars, which is represented in her grandson Santiago, unites in love with a woman ruled by the planet Venus. Santiago returns to the country at the request of his grandmother Regina, to join the family business. His goal is to occupy the presidency of Carbó Joyeros, and for this she must ensure that the artisans who have become her great competition are absorbed by the company.

He, who is a young executive who has never been interested in love, has another condition imposed by his grandmother in order to inherit the presidency: marry and form a home that guarantees him the emotional stability that is so necessary to run a business like Carbó Joyeros. Grandma Regina knows how reluctant Santiago is in everything related to love, and being aware that whoever marries her grandson must be a woman of his social level, Regina has hired Angélica Herrera as the company's jewelry designer for some time, an intelligent, beautiful and worldly woman who Santiago will surely like. What the grandmother does not know is that another woman will appear in Santiago's life who will steal his heart: Merlina.

Technical File

Direction: Pepe Sánchez.

Librettos: Miguel Ángel Baquero, Eloisa Infante.

Executive Producer: Marcela Manrique.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 129 X 60

Production year: 2006

Produced by: RCN Studios.