Miguel, the most shameless, womanizing and flirtatious Colombian husband must flee when his wife discovers him in multiple infidelity and his mother-in-law, the governor of the department and a corrupt politician with a long history, accuses him of embezzlement and threatens him with death. Knowing that his unscrupulous mother-in-law does not remain in threats, Miguel flees to save his life and ends up hiding in Hornito, a hot and praying town, where the locals confuse him with Father Emilio Luna, the new priest who is expected that day. Our man does not clear up the mistake, believing he has found a good hiding place and to avoid being involved in the death of the real priest.

The newcomer "Father Emilio Luna", who really has nothing of a priest or a saint, arrives in the hot town the same day that a "miraculous" image of the Virgin appears in the place, from whose face tears flow. "Father Emilio" realizes that he is in the wrong place and decides to flee, but before he can do so he meets Milagros Viuda De Amor, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen on the face of the earth and decides to prolong his departure and his lie. Milagros Viuda De Amor, in an act of motherly heroism, she is preparing her marriage with Vladimiro Peralta Junior, son of the political boss of the region, who bears the same name.

The future husband has promised to give Milagros the necessary money so that her daughter can be operated on and she can thus recover her hearing and speech, as long as there is a marriage. Milagros, who knows that if the operation is not carried out within the next year, it will no longer be possible, she is willing to sacrifice herself, but in front of the weeping image of the Virgin, she implores a miracle to save herself from the forced marriage. From the first moment they see each other, the attraction is mutual and Emilio, unable to clarify the truth and Milagros, who believes he is committing the most serious of sins, by falling in love with a man of God, they live an impossible love, so impossible that Milagros is sure that by actions like hers, the Virgin cries.

Technical File

Direction: Toni Navia.

Scripts: Juan Manuel Cáceres, Henry Pérez, Andrea López and Verner Duarte.

Executive Producer: Myriam Gómez.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 91 X 60.

Production year:  2002

Produced by: RCN Televisión.