His love was left under the ruins of the church where the young man waited for the beautiful bride and where he was buried for several days, without anyone assuming that a miracle was keeping him alive. Believing him dead, Salomé decides to put aside his pain and, after helping to rescue the survivors, travel to the capital in search of help for his town and his people. With the help of Wendy, his best friend, Salomé manages to contact people who can help financially to rebuild the devastated area.

This is how he meets Sebastián Fernández, the son of a transporter with humble roots and a woman who aspires to be part of high society. Simultaneously, Carlos Alberto is rescued from the rubble and upon learning of Salomé's trip, describes her girlfriend's attitude as abandonment, so he decides not to think about her and command the brigades that seek the physical relocation of the affected families. In this campaign he finds the support of Laura.

The news of the protagonist's life causes Salomé's return to Armenia at an unfortunate moment, since Carlos Alberto, a victim of pain and alcohol, has gotten too close to Laura. This breaks his marriage commitment and causes the separation, although as leaders in the reconstruction they will have to meet frequently. Salomé then moves her life to Bogotá where she begins to work in the business of Sebastián's parents, who is increasingly attracted to her, although she cannot ignore that she is about to marry Natalia Rivas, a member of a family of lineage but has been left in ruins.

Carlos Alberto, on his side, finds out that Laura is expecting his child and eager to give the child a home, he decides to marry the young woman, which causes Salomé to choose to turn her life around and give love a new opportunity. . But certain events lead the protagonist to discover some truths and to follow Salome to the capital with the intention of recovering her love. But this love has detractors: Laura, who decides to fight for the love of Carlos Alberto and Sebastián, who in order to retain Salomé, will even kill those who get in her way.

Technical File

Direction: Mario González

Scripts: Ricardo Saldarriaga, Juan Carlos Troncoso and Augusto Ramírez

Executive Producer: Amparo López

Genre: Soap Opera

Duration: 75 X 60"

Year of production: 2003

Produced by: Fox Telecolombia for RCN Televisión

Distribution: TIS Productions.