It all begins when Toño, the bricklayer, receives a blow to the heart when he accidentally discovers an edict published in an old newspaper; the edict announces an adoption and the adoptee is apparently him. The resounding determination of his mother not to talk about it confirms to Toño that there is a catch in his past. On his own account Toño undertakes the search for his “identity”. He needs to know who he is, where he comes from, where he is going. For now, he only knows that after feeling betrayed by his mother's silence, the only thing that keeps him going is the love of Tania, the woman with whom he plans to organize himself and who works in the Yunaites to help him pay for the bricks they will build. really his little ranch.

In his investigation, he discovers nothing more and nothing less than that he has a twin named Adrián, and that he is the baby that appears in the newspaper. Adrian is something like the other half of him, the child he was separated from before he was one year old. Toño does not know that his twin is a successful architect, heir to one of the most prestigious construction companies in the city. He does not know that he is the boyfriend of the architect Margarita Vera, the woman who fired him for risking his life in a confusing maneuver at the top of the building. Security is not a game thing! Without a job, without a ranch and without a family, Toño is on a crazy cow. He looks for the doctor who unjustly kicked him out and the brother who was lost to him in childhood, far from suspecting that by finding one, he will also find the other. It would be better for him not to look for them... because Bernardo, Adrián's cousin, has discovered that Adrián has messed with his beloved Silvia and is looking for him to kill him.

It is no longer a child's game... Precisely when Adrián realizes that someone is trying to kill him, and notifies the police of the fact, his twin Toño is making an infinity of innocent calls to the company and to Adrián's house, with the only in order to contact him, and it is Margarita who innocently sets the appointment between the bricklayer and the architect. The long-awaited day of the meeting arrives, and Toño, who was going to surprise his brother, is the one who receives the surprise, because Adrián attends the appointment protected by a police operation. Suddenly Toño finds himself in the middle of rifle cannons accused of being an alleged murderer after the famous architect Adrián Zea. It is useless for Toño to run and proclaim that he is not a criminal because the authorities throw him to the ground, handcuff him and reduce him. Then Toño sees Margarita, “his” doctor, coming out of the police fence. The unfortunate woman who left him without a job examines him in amazement, unable to believe what he is seeing. Toño is identical to his boyfriend Adrián of him!

Technical File

Direction: Mario Rivero Ferreira.

Scripts: Nubia Barreto.

Executive Production: Marco Antonio Galindo.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 68 X 60.

Production year: 2008

Produced by: RCN Studios.