Pablo (Roberto Cano) was convinced that his job as an escort for millionaire executives offered him all the adventure he needed to live, but he was very wrong, since his personal life would also become a story of ups and downs after meeting María Alcalá (Carolina Acevedo ). What he thought would be a summer romance with the beautiful and wealthy young woman whom he saved from being attacked by some drunks, complicated his entire life... his marriage preparations with Cindy (Valentina Rendón), his job, and his family life. she.

Almost without realizing it, Pablo began to fall in love with a woman engaged to a man who could offer her the life she was used to (Alejandro Martínez), to lie to her to sustain the romance by posing as one of his own social class and to lend himself as one more token in the dangerous game of two very powerful enemies: Antonio (Diego Trujillo) and José Ramón (César Mora). But Pablo is not the only one who is taking risks in this relationship, as María is also willing to leave everything behind and fully live her love. However, a misunderstanding leads her to believe that he is a married man who cannot offer her anything and she decides to move on with her life.

Pablo will then need to break boundaries, show her humble condition and convince her that there is a world where social differences do not matter, a world in which only the two of them and her love exist.

Technical File

Address: Kepa Amuchastegui.

Scripts: Adriana Suárez and Juan Carlos Pérez.

Executive Producer: Myriam Gómez.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 181 X 60.

Production year: 2001

Produced by: RCN Televisión.