Mariela Siachoque is a beautiful 30-year-old single mother who lives with her son and the rest of her family (father and two twin brothers) in a typical middle-class neighborhood in Bogotá.

Gonzalo is a perfect exponent of the upper class. He is 33 years old, a millionaire and has no problem in sight. He lives on partying, gambling and women and he doesn't care what happens to the company of which he is president by inheritance.

Mariela and Gonzalo don't know each other and apparently have nothing in common. Their worlds are different, their social classes do not intersect, and their personalities have little to do with one another. However, fate will take care of crossing them so unexpectedly.

Victim of a trap by his cousin Alejandro, who wants to keep the position of president that he occupies, Gonzalo is accused of using the company's money to launder assets and unholy money enters his checking account. Gonzalo is not only wanted by the police, but from one day to the next all his accounts are closed, his assets seized and if he does not appear, he will be considered a fugitive from justice.

Technical File

Direction: Pepe Sánchez.

Scripts: Juan Manuel Cáceres - Héctor Moncada - Liliana Guzmán.​​​​​​​

Executive Production: Guillermo Restrepo.

Genre: Dramedy.

Duration: 121 x 60

Production year: 2012

Produced by: Resonant TV to Estudios RCN.