Azucena arrives in Bogotá in the company of her mother Dolores, her brother Alberto and little Angelita. They travel with all their belongings aboard “La Tere”, an old and picturesque truck, since they were deprived of their house due to the debts of Antonio, her father, who fled after suffering a serious accident. Things are not easy in the capital.

Azucena looks for work with no luck, until a visit to the church defines her luck: Father Benito discovers that she has a great ability to arrange bouquets and recommends her to the best flower shop in Bogotá. Her visit to the church also determines her meeting with José Ángel Rivero del Castillo, who helps her start up the dilapidated “Tere”. Thanks to her job at the flower shop, Azucena attends an important wedding, only to find out that her boyfriend is the handsome man who helped her with her truck. The ceremony turns into hell when several hooded men enter shooting, murdering her girlfriend, Andrea Santacruz, and leaving José Ángel badly wounded.

Everything was planned by Déborah, Andrea's cousin, and Vinicio, José Ángel's brother, who wants to eliminate him because he knows that a clause in his grandfather's will says that the entire inheritance will go to the first to give a new descendant to the Riveros. of the Castle. While José Ángel heals from his wounds and falls in love with Déborah, Azucena loses her job at the flower shop. Her destiny leads her to seek luck in the Rivero del Castillo Cultivation, where she is given a new opportunity and she meets José Ángel again. He, still vulnerable due to his great loss, finds in Azucena a balm for her sadness. Little by little, Azucena also introduces José Ángel into her world and at Angelita's birthday party, they share their first love kiss without imagining that the same forces that separated José Ángel from Andrea will fight to separate them. José Ángel tries to clarify things with Déborah and that is when he sees that she is not as noble or as sincere as she seems.

Technical File

Direction: Alfredo Tappan.

Scripts: Guido Jacome.

Executive Production: Ricardo Bustos.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 146 X 60.

Production year: 2006

Produced by: Fox Telecolombia to RCN Televisión

Distribution: TIS Productions.