Eduardo and Florencia have loved each other intensely since they were children despite the abysmal class difference between them that imposes a gag on that love. As if that sentence were insufficient, without their knowing it, in the past lies a threat that stalks their destinies. Florencia is the youngest of five children born to Alejandro Lagos, a proud breeder of thoroughbred horses and owner of a large dairy company. Eduardo is the only son of María, the housekeeper of the Casa de los Lagos. A horseman by nature, Eduardo is Florencia's loyal friend and accomplice in games and mischief. Florencia and Eduardo's childhood has passed uneventfully, ignorant of them and those who love them the most, that their lives are the instrument through which an old blood debt will begin to be satisfied. A sinister revenge plan against everything that surrounds the Lagos surname begins the day that Alejandro hires Paulina Riascos as his new assistant.

The young woman, who comes highly recommended, is a reality the weapon that Eusebio, the unknown half-brother of Alejandro Lagos, has patiently trained to snatch from him and all his heirs, everything he considers his. Although the friendship between Eduardo and Florencia was not unknown to Alejandro Lagos and until then he had considered it harmless, his wife Genoveva, influenced by Paulina, insists on separating them. Eduardo is admitted to a school in the city. Florencia is left alone, under the care of María and at the mercy of Paulina, who is now concentrating on her next goal: to become Alejandro's wife. With impeccable skill, Paulina kills Genoveva while blaming Irene, her eldest daughter. As planned, Eusebio's ability to manipulate through her pupil reaches its climax two years later when Alejandro Lagos announces her wedding with her. Everyone seems to agree with the decision, except María, who since Eduardo's departure has been subjected to relentless torment by the new lady of the house. While Eusebio and Paulina carry out their terrible plan, Eduardo and Florencia grow up in distant worlds. She on the farm, he, a scholarship holder in the United States. The letters that they sent to each other for years never reached their destination, withheld by María in her eagerness to prevent a love that she considered impossible.

Technical File

Directed by: Henry Luna.

Scripts: Diana Quiroga.

Executive Production: Guillermo Restrepo.

Genr: Drama.

Duration: 104 X 60.

Production year: 2007

Produced by: RCN Studios.