17 years ago a group of friends, members of a jewelry emporium, traveled to New York for business. One night, Sara Fernández, wife of Sebastián Sinisterra, president of the company, is surprised next to the corpse of Patricia Soler with the revolver in her hands. She is taken to trial, where one of Sebastián's partners, Samuel, in love with Sara, testifies against her for not reciprocating her feelings, causing her to be sentenced to life imprisonment.

In prison, Sara, transformed into a tough woman, has as her only hobby making beautiful pieces of silver jewelry, an art that she passes on to her cellmate, to whom she ends up telling her story. Due to her conviction, Sara lost her two small children, Lucía and Camilo, and suffers terribly from the injustice committed by Sebastián, who, divorcing her, abandoned her forever. Now a single thought motivates Sara's life: to obtain her freedom, recover her children and unmask Patricia's real murderer to finally do justice.

Meanwhile, Sebastián and the rest of the partners continue with their lives. Joaquín and Florencia have managed to have a good status while Ricardo and Daniela, run down by bad investments, try to marry their niece Silvia to Sebastián himself in order to recover the lost wealth. Samuel never regrets having lied against Sara, while Alba and Carmen, Sebastián's aunts, maintain their shares in the company and their leadership in the house. His children Camilo and Lucia, along with Diego (Patricia's son) and Rodrigo (Sebastián's youngest son), have also joined the management of the jewelery emporium.

Technical File

Direction: Rodolfo Hoyos.

Scripts: Tomas Jaramillo.

Executive Production: María Fernanda Bateman.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 120 X 60.

Production year: 2014

Produced by: RCN Studios.