María Luisa de Suárez, more than a woman, is a devoted mother who has given her life to her five children and to Enrique, her husband and only man in her life.

When María Luisa believes that all that remains is to wait for old age, the marriages of her children and the arrival of grandchildren in the family, when she is more convinced that she has already done everything she had to do, Enrique abandons her for a much younger and prettier woman, her eldest son, because of excessive ambition, ends up involved with a dangerous arms dealer, his daughter Vicky becomes a dancer in a prostitutes' bar, Juliana falls in love with the trafficker, her brother's boss , and Francisco -the promise of the family, the good son who has always accompanied them through thick and thin- is wounded in an attack and is left on the brink of death.

But family tragedies are not the only thing that overwhelms María Luisa: after being abandoned by Enrique, Andrés Bernal comes into her life. This kind and sincere man is his new boss and, contrary to what the hotel employees expected, he does not show up to make their lives miserable but to offer them solutions and make their working lives more pleasant.

But Andrés does not see in María Luisa only a good worker and an exemplary mother, but rather he sees in her the woman that María Luisa has hidden in her heart, crouching behind the wall of her beliefs and her obligations. With him, the mother will learn that she is still alive, that love is a real possibility and that to make others happy, she must learn to love, respect and be happy.

Technical File

Direction: Pepe Sánchez, Julio Cesar Romero.

Scripts: Raquel Pasmiño, Andrea Basabe.

Executive Production: Óscar Guarín.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 141 X 60.

Production year: 2010

Produced by: Fox Telecolombia to RCN Televisión.