The love that Paulina and Juan Pablo had lasted until they were thirty; a time in life when, like most humans, they realized that life's real challenges had just begun, and that it takes more than planning to successively survive in a relationship. Juan Pablo had promised himself that he would not repeat the story of abandoning his father's house, but he could not deny that his relationship with Paulina had suffered a wear and tear that left him cold. Juan Pablo couldn't face Paulina, he couldn't destroy her dream castle of an eternal marriage, especially hers that he never contemplated a divorce from her in his life from her. Paulina is stunned, stunned when her husband tells her that he has decided to leave her home as a result of a crisis generated by an affair she has with her partner Alejandra, who turns out to be married too. Clara, Jimena and Patricia are all like Paulina, in their thirties, and they are all close friends. Each one, in her own way, has gone through their personal crisis of “thirties”, and for this reason, they are the perfect raft for Paulina to cling to during her storm. Juan Pablo, confused and with a strong feeling of guilt, finds support in her mother, a woman who, although many years have passed, never recovered from the abandonment of her husband. Instead of feeling down and feeling sorry for herself, Paulina decides to face her fate with courage and style, and looks for a new beginning, a brighter horizon for herself and her two children, Andrea and Sebastián. She decides to put her studies and her career as an architect into practice for the first time.

Technical File

Direction: Lilo Vilaplana

Scripts: Hector Forero

Production: Amparo Lopez

Genre: soap opera

Duration: 122 X 60

Production year: 2005

Produced by: Fox Telecolombia for RCN Televisión

Distribution: TIS Productions.