Adriana and Wilson are a couple who live on music. Their dream is to be recognized and soon they are given the opportunity when a production company, headed by Henry Bedoya, launches a contest in which they come out winners, the problem is that they only want the Adriana's talent The couple's conflicts begin here, as disagreements and difficulties grow.

Adriana takes refuge in Henry and his tireless work; Wilson takes refuge in Zuly "La Mona" Robayo, a recognized businesswoman and in the excesses of partying and drinking. Adriana and Wilson start their singing careers separately and the producers of both organize a tour for the two that makes things worse.

Technical File

Directed by: Mauricio Cruz and Víctor Cantillo.

Original idea: Juan Andrés Granados.

Scripts: Paola Andrea Arias, Fernán Mauricio Rivera, Liliana Guzmán, Ana Fernanda Martínez, Jorge Elkin Ospina and Juan Carlos Troncoso.

Executive Producer: Ana María Pérez.

Genre: Musical Drama.

Duration: 107x60'.

Production year: 2021

Produced by: Estudios RCN.