Marilyn is in the wrong place. His intelligence, his sweetness, his joy contrast with the sad and self-destructive work that he has to do and it is his turn because he knew nothing else in life, because, from the age of twelve, circumstances taught him that his only value is the amount of money that a man is willing to pay to share half an hour with her. Marilyn does not know love. Never had a man looked at her with respect, with tenderness. Her work is her work. something she has to do, period. In fact, she doesn't feel anything when doing it, it could be said that her body is asleep and that her sexuality is anesthetized.

Juan Ignacio is in the wrong place. The world in which he moves (a prestigious law office) full of cheating and lies, in which money rules, quarrels with his altruistic sense with his desire to serve people. Juan Ignacio is in love, or so he thinks. Within the life plan that her father has designed for him, Lorenza fits perfectly. She is a divine woman, from a good family, classy... and a virgin! A woman who has never had major problems in life and she hopes to continue like this. Juan Ignacio is going to marry Lorenza, they are the perfect couple, his friends are preparing a bachelor party for him and the main course of the night is... Marilyn! In the meeting of the two there is no sex; There are two beings who are dying to confess all the worries, their fears, the dreams that they carry inside.

Both bare their souls, both reveal their truths and this meeting changes their lives. Marilyn begins to think that maybe it is not her fault that she is involved in this world, that at twelve years old no one is prepared to choose her life. Juan Ignacio offers her a job and Marilyn sees for the first time a chance to seek a better life, she no longer wants to do her job. Before, she did not feel ashamed because she had no one to be ashamed of. Now she already has someone: Juan Ignacio. Juan Ignacio discovers that perhaps he is not as in love with Lorenza as he thought. He discovers that it bothers him to follow her father's wishes to the letter and it bothers him that at work he has to forget her moral principles in exchange for economic interests. Perhaps he no longer wants to do what is right, perhaps he wants to give his life another direction, but despite having discovered his mistakes, Juan Ignacio is a weak man, one of those who likes to please others. the others in everything.

For fear of hurting Lorenza and to avoid great embarrassment for her family, he ends up getting married, but his obsession with that woman he met one night grows bigger and bigger. Juan Ignacio is aware of the social class to which he belongs. That's why he doesn't think of having a relationship with a woman like Marilyn. That's right, that in order to see her and be with her, he decides to help her and get her out of that world. He decides to be the savior of that woman who undoubtedly deserves to be saved. It is not easy for Juan Ignacio to find Marilyn, let alone find her a space outside the brothel where she works. The outside world assaults her (she always has). So Juan Ignacio decides that the only way to really help that woman is to have her by her side and thus be able to protect her. So he decides to take her to work as a secretary at the Law Office. Juan Ignacio convinces Marilyn to take quick courses related to the secretarial trade and, in addition, he makes an effort to change her personal presentation and the way she behaves. In the end, he won't make it, but he will discover over time that this is not the important thing.

Technical File

Direction: Pepe Sánchez.

Scripts: Juan Carlos Pérez Flores.

Executive Production: Maria Pilar Fernández.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 142 X 60

Production year: 2004

Produced by: RCN Studios.