A story with a flavor of chocolate... Azul, an unusual guardian angel, undisciplined, mischievous and a great admirer of beauty is sent to earth to protect a girl named April. Before going down, his teacher, who knows how easily he gets into trouble, warns him that angels are forbidden to fall in love. The guardian angel faithfully follows all the indications of his Master, until he meets Martina, during a visit that Abril and her grandfather Fortunato, a magnate of the chocolate industry, make to the La Casita Encantada hostel, from which the Luna family is the main benefactor. Ángel and grandfather are fascinated with the teacher, Azul because of her beauty and kindness and Fortunato because of the enormous resemblance he has with his deceased sister Aurora.

This meeting is quite unfortunate for Débora Niño, director of the orphanage and her partner Gastón Conde, lawyer and future executor of the Luna fortune, as they fear that Fortunato will find out that Abril is not her only family. During the visit, Abril also finds out that Débora treats the orphans quite badly and forces them to work, so Fortunato orders Conde to suspend donations until he fully investigates what is happening. Débora and Conde then decide to get rid of him and keep his secret safe. Accompanied only by Azul, whom no one can see, Abril is forced to live in the orphanage, which unites her in suffering with Martina, who is sure that she has a short time to live, because due to a curse the women of his family die at 25 years of age.

Conde takes advantage of the teacher's love for Abril and asks her to marry and adopt the little girl, forcing Azul to materialize in the body of a doctor and compete for Martina's love. Reciprocated in his feelings, the angel decides to go to heaven to ask permission to become a human and live next to the two women he loves: Abril and Martina. But Conde and Débora's plans are different, which is why they make Martina believe that her beloved will not return and that a rather suspicious couple is ready to adopt the little girl. From this moment on, lovers, villains and orphans are just beginning a series of adventures that will show that love has a chocolate flavor.

Technical File

Direction: Rodolfo Hoyos

Scripts: Miguel Ángel Baquero Y Eloisa Infante

Executive production: Darío Piñeros

Genre: Telenovela

Duration: 129 X 60”

Production year: 2003

Produced by: RCN Televisión.