In an attempt to revive Arrebato Latino, Richi decides to stop dancing and accept Ortiz's terms. Unfortunately, the politician's resentment is stronger than her promises and she does not keep his word. As the dance academy struggles to survive, Richi turns to drinking and partying; she stops training and just plunges in surrendering to oblivion. However, life will give this fighter and warrior a second chance when Margarita Wilkins, a beautiful, arrogant and spiteful executive, comes to his aid to save her business. Margarita's previous partner has been stealing all of her clients, and on top of that Rafael, his ex-boyfriend, decides to leave the gorgeous Margarita and runs away with a young and perfect model. Margarita contacts Richi with the idea of producing a dance show to participate in the inauguration of the Salsodromo in Cali. Margarita is the owner of a real estate company and desperately tries to save her company from bankruptcy after being swindled by Liubica Arbeláez, an old partner of hers. She needs the best dancer to win the contest and Richi is the best. Margarita becomes his guardian angel; she will help him get his life back and his passion for dancing. In return, Richi brings spark and joy to his life, two elements that Margarita hasn't enjoyed in a long, long time.

Both are determined to take advantage of this opportunity that life is giving them, not only as salsa partners for the world championship, but also as lovers. Margarita manages to prove her innocence while she dances with Richi. They win the salsa championship held during the inauguration of the Salsodromo. On the other hand, Ariel Trujillo -aware of the activities carried out by real scammers- decides to put them behind bars. Margarita and Richi finally see their dreams come true. They have achieved the goals they had and have defeated those who opposed them; always in search of love, eager for success, the emotion of his love and the desire to conquer a dream... called salsa.

Technical File

Direction: Juan Pablo Gaviria

Excecutive Producers: Amparo López y Diego Mejía.

Genre: Drama

Duration: 121 X 60''

Production year: 2014

Produced by: Fox Telecolombia para RCN Televisión

Distribuction: TIS Productions.