Have you ever imagined what your life would be like if you had to carry an Argentine inside? Valentine knows it. Valentino is a self-confident, charismatic man with a special ability to drive women crazy. But he wasn't always like that. His childhood was full of tears and setbacks, since he was a weak child, persecuted and attacked by the bad guys in the neighborhood: the fearsome Orjuela brothers. But not everything was suffering. Valentino always had a person with him who was in charge of making his life more bearable: his best friend, defender and confidant: Margarita "la chubby" García.

One day, moved by the story of a nightmare in which Valentino imagined fearsome Argentines attacking him, Teresa, his mother, decided to confess something that would change his life forever: he did not have to fear them because he was one of them. His father was nothing less than a great Argentine, the very owner of "La Pampa". And this is how Valentino discovers the Argentine that he has inside. With the appearance of his alter ego, "El Argentino", Valentino found the security he had never had and learned to love all the women who approached him, except Margarita, who after many years of unconditional friendship, discovers a terrible truth: she is deeply in love with her best friend and if she wants to keep him, she must keep it a secret.

Technical File

Direction: Magdalena La Rotta.

Scripts: Ana María Parra, Andrés Gelós.

Executive Production: Gerardo Sánchez Cristo.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 120 X 60

Production year: 2008

Produced by: Vista Productions to RCN Studios.