Just when Rossy Romero began to feel that the scales of justice were tipping in her favor, just when her dream of being the legitimate owner of the Venecia hacienda seemed about to come true and just when she thought she was finally going to get rid of the ghosts of the past, Leticia Toledo appeared to reclaim the lands to which she and her children had dedicated a lifetime of work. Leticia arrived with her entire family, her three children and her husband, Miguel Tirado, Rossy's first and only love. When she saw him, the memories of pain and betrayal returned, but the feelings that she had kept in her heart for so many years also reappeared, she understood that life was giving her the opportunity to collect all the blows received and that it was time to recover the love lost twenty-three years ago.

Leticia Toledo never imagined that when she returned to take possession of her family's lands she would find Roselia Romero, her father's unrecognized daughter, as mistress and owner of the place. The colonial house of the Venecia hacienda had become the country hotel "Bosques de Venecia" and the Romero family managed the prosperous business with dedication and dedication. But what surprised not only Leticia the most, but also Miguel, her husband, was finding out that Roselia was still as beautiful as she was in her youth, she kept the natural and wild beauty that had driven him crazy. At that moment all of Leticia's hidden fears appeared, she had become addicted to surgeries to try to keep her husband, although deep down she knew that she had never loved her as she loved Roselia.

Technical File

Address: Juan Camilo Pinzón Gómez.

Scripts: Fabiola Carillo, Natalia Santa.

Executive Production:  Juan Camilo Pinzón Gómez.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 125 X 60.

Production year: 2008

Produced by: RCN Studios.