While her acquaintances from the neighborhood dedicated themselves to discovering the fashionable discos and adventuring in love, Betty dedicated all her time to studying and preparing to succeed as a professional, but not for fun, but because the poor girl was so unattractive that men never they approached her to ask her out and the one who did it and was her boyfriend for a few days, abandoned her leaving her with a worse trauma than the lack of beauty.

Betty got used to the idea of remaining a spinster and her greatest satisfactions were to please her father, a rather demanding and overprotective man, and to be the brightest student in the university. However, everything changed when she started working at Eco Moda, one of the largest clothing companies in the country and where she met Armando Mendoza, the man she fell in love with. Her eagerness to get a job was such that she agreed to work as his secretary, despite the fact that because of her titles: economist with a postgraduate degree in finance, they deserved an executive position, but she knew that because she was ugly things were not going to be easy, so who decided to start at the bottom and go up the ranks.

Technical File

Directed by: Mario Rivero.

Scripts: Fernando Gaitán.

Executive Producer: Amparo Gutiérrez.

Genre: Dramedy.

Duration: 335 x 30'

Production year: 1999

Produced by: RCN Televisión.