According to the plans of the four girls, once they finish their university studies, their lives will take different directions. Natalia wants to open a different, unique and original restaurant, "La Cocina de Nata", with her boyfriend Federico. Victoria will travel to Europe to continue studying, Sara is determined to make a new conquest and Angélica needs to get a job at any cost. The day of their graduation is the starting point... but the path to follow is not exactly the one they had proposed, nor the one they had imagined. After a lot of paperwork and formalities and thanks to the help of her best friend, Andrés, Natalia finally receives the premises for the new restaurant. It would have been the perfect place to celebrate, but just a few hours before, Natalia's life changes drastically: she discovers that her boyfriend, Federico, is in a church in the city, marrying a woman who is expecting his child. . As Natalia suffers the pain of the betrayal, Victoria makes the decision of her life: she will not travel to Europe for the graduate studies her parents have chosen for her. Victoria feels that she has always been held back from doing the things she wanted to do, either because of her parents' pressure on her, or because of her shyness and inexperience over her. On her graduation day, Victoria packs her bags, but hers' destination is not Europe… it's Natalia's house.

During this process, each one of them faces the real day-to-day conflicts faced by the women who live and work together, women who take on her life and enjoy it after becoming professionals. “Four & One” will be her meeting point, the witness, the seed that reinforces their friendship, their conflicts, their intrigues, their passions, her advice. Within those walls that will be adorned over time with their four unique styles of seeing life, the stories of Natalia, Victoria, Sara and Angélica will be expressed forever. Thus, the dream becomes the space for gossip, coffee, good food, lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends and goodbyes.

Technical File

Direction: Lilo Vilaplana ando José Carmona.

Scripts: Guido Jacome.

Executive Producer: Amparo López.

Genre: Telenovela.

Duration: 120 x 60'.

Production year: 2007

Produced by: Fox Telecolombia para RCN Televisión

Distribution: TIS Productions.