Colombia Ríe arrives, the first comedy reality show in Colombia and the world, created by script writer and producer Fernando Gaitán.
In this reality show, more than 3,000 people, from more than 12 cities in the country, have applied to participate in it, but of all of them, only 20 participants will be selected to come to Bogotá and face each other in an original and very fun competition.
For 3 months, within what they have designated as the Laboratory of Humor, those selected will be prepared with the help of tutors and will have to do their best every night to expose the best of their discipline, whatever it may be: Magicians, impersonators, comedians. , joke tellers, musical groups, mimes, etc.
But the task will not be easy, because these talents will have to convince a luxury but above all demanding jury: Lorna Cepeda, Luz Amparo Álvarez and Hassam.

They will have the difficult, but exciting task of selecting the best, the funniest character that makes Colombia laugh, who will have the honor of becoming the best comedian in the country, taking the grand prize of 300 million pesos.

Technical File

Direction: Fernando Gaitán

Executive Production: Fernando Gaitán y Ricardo Bermúdez

Format: Reality - Entertainment

Duration: 90 x 60 

Production year: 2017 - 2018

Produced by: RCN Televisión