Based on exhaustive research, the program dramatizes the most recent social problems and real-life cases so that viewers learn about the conflicts that affect Colombian families today.

The year is 2013, society is witnessing advances in technology, the strengthening of social networks as a means of communication, surprising medical discoveries emerge and changes are generated in civil society due to displacement, reintegration and new forms of delinquency. Colombian families face these problems but are unaware of their origins and consequences. “Entérese” investigates and addresses these issues to make them known to the audience through an agile and attractive dramatization in which the new talents of Colombian television participate and with the presentation of Marcela Baena.

Through "Entérese", the viewer will be able to learn about conflicts related to intrafamily abuse, synthetic drug use and other addictions, teenage pregnancy, "school bullying" or the changes in civil society that have arisen with the reinsertion of armed groups. Now, the panorama is not so bleak; It will show how the new means of communication allow singles to find a partner anywhere in the world, where any common citizen can become a celebrity in a matter of hours thanks to videos on the Internet or also show how social networks and telephones Intelligent people have made the cases of infidelity more evident.

“Entérese” aims to make these problems known so that viewers will be able to make more accurate and informed decisions about what ails them and will be able to understand the social dynamics of a world as changing as the one we live in today.

Technical File

Direction: Mauricio Blanco, Juan Carlos Rubiano, Andrés Valencia, Álvaro Castillo.

Scripts: Ángela Aguirre.

Executive Production: Carolina Osma.

Format: Dramatized Investigation.

Duration: 140 X 30.

Production year: 2013

Produced by: RCN Studios.