Comediantes de la Noche, the program that brings together the most outstanding figures of stand up comedy, returns in a new season. Once again we will see the grassroots comedians, Alejandro Riaño, Ricardo Quevedo, Diego Mateus, Iván Marín, and Freddy Beltrán, but this time with the presence of two giants of Colombian humor: Antonio Sanín and Julián Arango, who have joined the program cast. But it will also feature national and international special guests, the presence of new talent in the comedy universe, and well-known figures such as Alejandra Azcárate and Liz Pereira, among others.

Technical File

Direction: Fernando Gaitan.

Executive Production: Carmen Castillo.

Format: Stand Up Comedy.

Duration: 13 X 60.

Production year: 2017

Produced by: RCN Studios.