Discover the largest project of social construction in Colombia... 'Misión Impacto' is a project of RCN Televisión in association with SLI (Sin Límites), developed by 360 Digital, which under a format known as a reality documentary, will present 21 stories inspiring, all different from one another but that have in common the effort of their protagonists to build a better country. They will see entrepreneurs who build bridges to connect communities; entrepreneurs who aspire to illuminate the world with small bottles of light; who want to change the country with art, with music, with sports, with housing, with education; entrepreneurs who rescue culture to keep traditions alive; entrepreneurs who save the lives of other Colombians lost in the oblivion of our way of life, but not by giving the fish, nor just by teaching them how to fish, but by creating large social enterprises that benefit many.

For example, of the 21 social enterprises that will be shown in 'Mission Impact', it is estimated that more than 90,000 have benefited so far. The program does not have presenters or announcers, but in each episode there is a guest, who is a person known to the public, such as Paola Turbay, Chicho Serna, Julián Arango, Andrea Serna, Mónica Fonseca, Viena Ruiz, Juan Pablo Raba, Ana Bolena Meza, among others, adding 22 celebrities, who are only certain that they will donate their time as volunteers for a social project, but without knowing where they are going and the situations they will face. This is how these celebrities make a great trip to different areas of the country, from major cities to some remote and forgotten communities, where they end up knowing a reality that is very different from their own, in communities where they live with difficult problems, but in which Despite the bleak outlook, there are men and women who intend to create sustainable companies with a social focus, with the interest of making life easier and happier for others.

Technical File

Direction: Diego Fernando Valencia Delgado

Format: Documental - Social Impact

Duration: 15 x 60''

Production year: 2014