Soldados 1.0' is an exclusive RCN proposal where a group of celebrities and other ordinary citizens will put their inner warrior to the test by enrolling in the glorious Colombian army. Faced with intense challenges, in which only the disciplined will emerge victorious, the recruits will put aside their ordinary lives and face a strict military regime that will challenge their limits to see if they have what it takes to become soldiers.

The first group of contestants on this reality show will be made up of personalities from the national entertainment world who, outside of the cameras and glamour, will show what they are made of. Maria Fernanda Yepes will make her hosting debut and Andrea Tovar, Jery Sandoval, Ennis Pacheco, Natalia Duran, Angela Vergara, Juliana Galvis, Lina Tejeiro, Sofia Jaramillo, Norma Nivia, Catalina Otalvaro, Diego Arnary, Juan Sebastián Quintero, Julián Téllez, Alejandro Estrada, Agmeth Escaf, Edward 'Shirrry' Pinzón, Tommy Vásquez, Orlando Liñán, Jonathan Rodríguez and Beto Villa are the 20 contestants who will join this adventure.

Starting each week, recruits will begin different phases of military training. In these, individual challenges, group tests, and social missions will be graded by army officers and NCOs, who, in turn, will be your battle instructors. Contestants must demonstrate their skill in extreme activities such as: cyber defense, patrolling, disaster prevention and assistance, skydiving, target shooting, order closure, military inspection, physical testing, camouflage, and survival and engineering. "Soldiers 1.0 is the true story of 20 Colombian celebrities who leave their comforts to experience the life of a soldier in the flesh. It is the untold story of these unsung heroes who sacrifice day after day for our nation. It is a story of improvement and transformation, sacrifices and courage. They will not have any privileges, and their motivation goes beyond money, their honor".

Technical File

Direction: Juan Manuel Rosales

Executive Producer: Luz Stella González Soto

Genre: Militar Reality.

Duration: 65 X 60.

Production year: 2017

Produced by: RCN Studios.